Overwatch's New Event is Boring. Here's Why.

That’s right I said it, Overwatch’s “Uprising” event is boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love Overwatch, it’s like an FPS and a MOBA had a glorious bastard child. It’s fun to play and easy to get into, but the game just isn’t releasing any significant content. While this event does build upon past content like “Junkenstein’s Revenge”, it still falls short.

Before we can dismantle the “Uprising” event, I should probably give some background. According to the official Overwatch website, the events of “Uprising” take place seven years in the past. A group of Overwatch agents consisting of Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjörn, and the newly recruited Tracer battle throughout the streets of King’s Row. Their enemy is Null Sector, a radical group of omnics that use violence to achieve their objectives. Overwatch’s mission is to put an end to the uprising and bring peace back to London.


The event has two styles of game-play, each with varying difficulty options. The first mode lets players choose from the four heroes mentioned above, fighting their way throughout the city. The second option is the same event except you can choose any hero from the roster. For each mode you have four choices in difficulty, ranging from normal to expert. With each change in difficulty you will fight more enemies and take increased damage. Sounds fun, so why am I complaining?

Well to put it bluntly, “Uprising” lacks any surprises or replay value. All enemy NPCs predictably spawn in predetermined areas, no matter how many times you play. This means you can easily counter an approaching enemy by saving the right hero ability. Not only that, the enemies you encounter are restricted to specific key moments. In a nutshell you “unlock” enemy encounters by progressing to a certain point. Again, this makes the event predictable and stale. Honestly with the increase in difficulty enemies should become more random and unrestricted by progress. This would make it much more exciting to play.

Even the second game mode is broken. Sure you can select any hero you want to play as, but some heroes like Widow Maker and Mei struggle. Most people have already decided on a set formula to ensure success, especially at higher difficulties. Most agree you need a Mercy and Bastion to even stand a chance on expert. Essentially if you want to play a certain hero, you probably can’t. So while this mode gives the illusion of choice, you are still restricted by in-game mechanics. Who wants to play the same map 100x as Mercy? Not me, that’s for sure.


So what can be done? Well first off I think the game mode needs more randomization. Blizzard does a fantastic job randomizing dungeons for other games so we know it can be done. Good start, but we can do better. A boss would be nice. Right now “Uprising”’ lacks a memorable final encounter. The final stage is a fight against four Orisa styled omnics and other NPCs you’ve already encountered. It’s not a rewarding experience to say the least. Blizzard needed to implement a boss mechanic to make the fight more engaging and memorable.

My chest dropped the legendary Genji skin. What did you get so far?

Almost there, just need the finishing touch. How about some exclusive content? That would definitely challenge me to play more. As it stands, there is no exclusive content for clearing “Uprising” other than achievements. “Uprising” does have a unique system to earn loot chests by completing the scenario, but that can be achieved at any difficulty. In fact, all loot introduced in this event can either be gained by earning loot chests or buying them in store. The game does nothing to encourage players to try harder difficulties, unlike other blizzard titles. World of Warcraft rewards exclusive skins and mounts to players who clear difficult content, so why can’t Overwatch?

The fact is Overwatch is an amazing game with a large audience. Over 25 million people play the game, so they must be doing something right. But what I’m saying is they can do better. They can and should continue to progress PVE content and strive to improve player satisfaction. And while events like “Uprising” provide a unique break from competitive play, they do nothing to progress the game in the long term. Blizzard needs to invest in generating more content for this game that isn’t simply cosmetic. Overwatch is great, but it can be better.


That’s just my 3 cents.


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