The Switch is out and I want it. Bad. But not for the reasons you may think. I find myself in new situation I have never experienced before as a gamer: being married. Cue the Nintendo Switch. Simply put, this system is a great console for couples and families. It offers surprising mobility, strong performance, and a diverse library.

Admittedly I originally ignored the Switch. Many people like myself were skeptical when it was announced, due to the Wii U’s poor reception. We felt the Nintendo Switch would be similar and lack features compared to modern consoles. We were quickly proven wrong. Instead of focusing on intense graphics or virtual reality, Nintendo took a more risky approach and it paid off. The Switch has proven to be a versatile console, great for home and mobile gaming. Some sources suggest it sold more than 900,000 units in March, making the Switch Nintendo’s fastest selling console in history.

Since getting married I’ve found it difficult to find games to play with my wife. PS4 and Xbox offer little support, as they mainly focus on online or story driven games. While they do host a few local multiplayer games, they are not ideal for couples. Games like Diablo III and Borderlands require huge time commitments and are not easy to pick up after breaks. The only game close to fulfilling our needs is Guitar Hero, but that can become stale. Nintendo’s games don’t typically have this issue. Their games, like Mario Kart and Splatoon, are enjoyable for any age group, can be played in short bursts, and include local multiplayer so my wife and I can battle it out. It’s odd how these games can bring a family together and not make you feel obligated to play. This makes their library unique compared to other systems whose platform games tend be single player and are often violent (think The Last of Us or Gears of War).

Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch.


The versatility of the console is also great. My wife and I are often out and about, running around the house or town. It would be great to take the Switch with us but come home to play together at night. Playing the Switch while waiting for car repairs sounds appealing. Some may be concerned about the battery life since reviews have reported it can be limited. Most estimate a lifespan of about 2.5-6 hours, depending on the game’s graphic intensity. If I wasn’t single this might have concerned me, but I’m not. Nowadays I don’t find myself gaming for long periods of time and don’t often have the leisure. I honestly prefer the battery’s lifespan. This way I won’t be distracted by gaming all day. With the Switch I can play on the go, burn rubber with my wife in the living room (Mario Kart turbo pun), and even play Zelda in bed. No other system gives you this experience.

You might be asking “if you want a Switch so damn bad why don’t you get one?”. Well fact is I’m broke. What a shock, a poor blogger! Jokes aside, consoles are huge investments and funds can be better spent. I do plan on purchasing a Switch in the future, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous of anyone who has one. The fact remains, the Nintendo Switch is an amazingly versatile console that’s great for families of any size and age group. And for that I thank you Nintendo.


Eric M. Wilusz,

A.k.a Duninn.


Thanks for reading!